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Product innovation and technology design

Market dynamics are moving increasingly quickly and customer needs are becoming ever more sophisticated. At the same time, your winning formulas are easily copied by competitors.

Organisations that are able to consistently deliver on the product innovation challenge are those that have developed the capability to take control of their technology, rationalise their operational processes and industrialise their creative design whilst maintaining a keen sense of the market need.

We help our clients develop oustanding digital and financial products for the new digital economy. Our skills and experience are brought to bear on a single product line, to help you enhance your firm's organisational capabilities, or incorporated our services in to a wider digitisation programme. Whatever your needs, our product innovation process combines both disciplined and creative elements such as agile engineering, lean startup methods, rigourous market analysis and customer insight analytics.

Change management

In our fast-changing world, many challenges your business faces are multi-faceted in nature and require change in several areas of the firm at once to be effective. Whilst management may have a clear idea of where the market is going, defining a response, changing organisational focus and creating excitement around the new direction is often difficult.

Ampersand has wealth of experience dealing with the high-level strategic questions that drive a business forward in tandem with the cultural and operational realities of running a company. Consequently, we take on work that requires a combination of intellectual rigour, energy and practical commitment to implement. Typical projects in this arena are innovation, culture building, strategic change, digitisation and turnaround.

Sustainable finance

Finance is waking up to the need and opportunity to understand and act on sustainability challenges. Doing so is highly complex due to the systemic nature of the issues, data availability and the multiple trade-offs that firms face. Yet, technological developments are enabling those changes increasingly rapidly, governments are taking action in response to the Paris agreement and numerous initiatives are driving cultural change, including Michael Bloomberg’s Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Business must respond now to stay relevant.

Ampersand has been active in this market since the firm’s inception in 2014. We assist clients to address sustainable finance challenges, bringing a wealth of experience from financial services, strategic and operational decision-making and entrepreneurship together to arrive at practical solutions and plans.

We are a member of the United Kingdom Sustainable Investment Forum (UKSIF), a long-time supporter of the Benefit Corporation (B-corp) community and financial innovation initiatives such as The Finance Innovation Lab.